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Reveal Talent Community

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Career Coaching

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Career Portfolio

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Personality Assessment

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Career Coaching

Enroll for some one-on-one support with an International Coaching Federation certified coach. We’ll help you unlock the CareerPRO inside and refine your career plan.

Career Portfolio

Create your Career Portfolio to share a more complete story with employers. As a member, employers will be able to view your portfolio on our membership directory.

Personality Assessment

Show potential employers who you are and what it would be like to have you on their team. Take the DISC, Enneagram, & 16 personalities assessments for free and get access to a Chrome extension to be able to predict the DISC personality type of your LinkedIn connections.

Career Trajectory Analysis

Get a complete report that shows you what others with your same experience, certifications, degree, career history, etc are doing now. This is particularly a great resource for professionals who want to pivot into a different line of work.

Company Research

Use these resources to help identify the companies that are a good match for your Career Drivers.

Professional Profile Picture

Everyone needs a profile picture that represents them as the professional they are. Remove BG will help you do that without paying a high price photographer. PhotoFeeler will give you the chance to see what other’s think of your picture.

Resume Optimization & Templates

Get support building a results-oriented resume and a template to help your resume stand out.

LinkedIn Optimization


Telling your story on LinkedIn in a way that will get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers is becoming an artform. We have vast knowledge about what will help you paint your masterpiece. Schedule a LinkedIn coaching session.

Interview Skill Analysis

Practice your interview skills and get professional feedback on ways to improve. This tool will also allow you to build an interview preview that you can attach to your Career Profile.

Ideal Career Analysis

We’ve all wondered what the best career is for our skillset and personality, but this assessment gives you tangible careers to consider based on your results. This is an excellent tool for those who would like to pivot out of the work they’re currently in. 

PROsitioning (Proactive Positioning)

Learning how to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people in the right place is critical for finding your ideal work. Use these tools to get help becoming a better PROsitioner and practicing your PROsitioning skills.

ATS/Resume Evaluation

If you’re going to post your resume on job boards, you’re going to have to learn how to beat the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). This tool will help you customize your resume for the positions you’re applying for.


Reveal Talent Community

Come for the resources, stay for the community! Click here to get connected to our community and join like-minded professionals to share contacts, resources and encouragement.

Would you like to be professionally introduced to the companies you want to work for? BECOME A CAREERPRO!

Access our 3 development pathways.  Whether you want to be part of a group, get personalized one-on-one coaching, or even white-glove treatment, we have the development pathway for you.
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Owning your Career 

It's time to OWN YOUR CAREER! REVEALTalent is offering this course completely free because we are passionate about creating intersections between exceptional candidates and successful companies. For over 20 years we've been offering pro-bono advice to professionals looking for rewarding work. This course is a culmination of that advice. We hope this material gives you an opportunity to get to know us and learn how we're equipped to advocate for you throughout your career. Let's get started!