The Story of REVEAL Talent and your community 


The Journey

It started with an overdue question – “Shouldn’t recruiting focus on what’s most important – the lives of those seeking new opportunities?” 

We dedicate much of our time to our careers that impact our overall livelihoods. A better career can lead to better vacations, being able to save more for your child’s college fund, or even being able to retire early. 

We have doctors and financial advisors to help guide us through life, so why not a career advocate?  

This is why the REVEALTalent Community exists. It’s here to help you own your career by giving you the resources, coaching, and community network so that you can be proactive and intentional about creating a career that will allow you to live your best life! 

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Our Purpose-Driven Recruitment methodology is dramatically different from the old "placement fee" models. We focus on the Career Drivers of our candidates and how those align to the employment value proposition of our clients. With decades of providing career coaching as a central element of the recruiting process, building the REVEAL Talent Community was the logical next step.


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Meet Our Team

Mark Allred

Director of Talent Development

Mark oversees all activity in our REVEALTalent community. His passion and purpose is to help prepare our members to become more proactive and intentional about their careers. After driving consistent market-leading sales results, building strong employee cultures, and maximizing effective business partnerships for 26 years, Mark pursued and achieved accreditation from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) he now works with professionals to help them reconnect with their purpose and navigate life transitions while growing personally and professionally. As a thought leader in the career development space, he relentlessly challenges professionals to be proactive, be intentional and keep moving forward.

Marc Hutto

Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer

Oh Captain, our Captain! Marc is our Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Reveal. He is also the architect of Purpose-Driven Recruitment that never loses sight that being hired is a major life event, and should be treated as such. Marc is involved in all aspects of the business, and is incremental to the planning of the REVEALTalent Community. A lover of animals, Marc has fostered many dogs over the years and you can learn more by visiting the About page of When Marc is not obsessing about keeping hiring human, you can find him at his lovely lake home enjoying time on his boat, fishing, spending time with his lovely wife, daughter, and grandkids, as well as hitting the local golf course!

Brandy Herschbach

Practice Leader

A practice Leader who specializes in leading our ART Solution (which stands for Adjunct Recruitng Team) that allows our clients to successfully execute large hiring projects. Brandy is motivated by challenging work and leading teams with her awesomely infectious personality! When she’s not leading the charge on high-volume hiring, you can find her jamming out in the car between her kids dance recitals or golf practice, or trying to get her hip-hop hero, Snoop Dogg, to acknowledge her on social media.

Bruce Lang

Driven Recruitment Consultant

Is one of our Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultants and our resident globe trotter. Having a passion for culture and travel, Bruce has lived in South Africa for 15 years, as well as the UAE for 4 years. The apples don’t fall far from the tree in the Lang household as his two daughters now live in Japan and Denmark, pursuing their careers. When Bruce isn’t enlightening us with his worldly experiences, he often receives compliments from passive candidates for his consultative approach to recruiting. He has demonstrated superb performance in multiple industries and has unique recruiting abilities in scientific disciplines such as biotech, financial services, and technology. If you’re looking for a laugh, be sure to ask Bruce for a joke as we wrap up all of our internal team huddles with one from him!

Dave Carder

Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultant

A Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultant, Dave is nicknamed “The Pitbull” after his professionally persistence approach and love for dogs. A family man with a loving wife and two sons, Dave has been all things sports throughout his son’s lives, and a proud alumnus of Purdue University. A 35-year talent acquisition veteran, Dave brings robust experience spanning from C-suite recruiting to software development that proves to be invaluable to his clients. Dave’s ability to take his vast retained search firm experience to advise his job seekers will undoubtedly bring value to you.

DeeDee McCann

Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultant

Is one of our most highly-tenured Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultants. A loving mother of three girls, DeeDee’s calendar is booked for months whether it be at a field hockey game or at a 4-H event watching her girls groom and handle livestock for competitive shows! DeeDee is approaching her 10-year anniversary with Reveal and has received many compliments from passive candidates. Time after time, DeeDee’s consultative approach has led to one success after another in executive searches and other critical roles across multiple industries with particular skills in the retail, financial services, and healthcare spaces.

Crystal Dyck

Recruitment Operations

Without a doubt one of the most important roles in every search project executed by Reveal is our recruitment operations and our long-term and reliable colleague, Crystal. Nicknamed, “The Pystal,” you won’t find anyone faster in research, sourcing, and data management.   Crystal joined us when she was in the Netherlands and eventually moved back to the US and then moved to Cananda where she now resides.  Not far from Niagra Falls, Crystal’s adorable son, Lukas, makes guest appearances from time to time on our weekly team meetings to instantly brighten our days. When the Pystal isn’t working her wizardry to help our job seekers succeed, you can find her at concerts, hockey matches, or WWE events with her husband!